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 9/2/22 Diary partner If anyone from ed3 got into the UN events  "civil society transforming education please say" Hoping to host some fringe cafe meeting on web3 and Un2  impacts on this topic ny 14 and 15 september probably flatiron district NY, or anywhere manhattan or brooklyn we can get quorum of 3 or more IN 2016 at UNGA, year 1 review of sdg4 education was so hopeless that tech people led by world bank's jim kim started digital cooperation connections between new york and geneva; fortunately since Guterres appointed to 10 year term he's multiplied more and more tech cooperation -see it appears that in our wondrous wizarding world: sunday nght UN-mongolia has taken up un's baton for 48 hours of web3-sdgs 

Thursday, December 31, 2015

twin vatican and us states

special thanks to friends of

this year i visited vatican twice to ask how to connect franciscan communities between italy and usa i was told by the leaders of to focus on the arts here goes

maryland patagoniawinds

ny state alumni of botstein and bard

ma boston connectors of silk road ensemble -yo yo ma global supporteRs;


vienna's boy choir

 britain the choir reality tv show

 ameRican international schools - barcelona, hong kong &

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