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 9/2/22 Diary partner If anyone from ed3 got into the UN events  "civil society transforming education please say" Hoping to host some fringe cafe meeting on web3 and Un2  impacts on this topic ny 14 and 15 september probably flatiron district NY, or anywhere manhattan or brooklyn we can get quorum of 3 or more IN 2016 at UNGA, year 1 review of sdg4 education was so hopeless that tech people led by world bank's jim kim started digital cooperation connections between new york and geneva; fortunately since Guterres appointed to 10 year term he's multiplied more and more tech cooperation -see it appears that in our wondrous wizarding world: sunday nght UN-mongolia has taken up un's baton for 48 hours of web3-sdgs 

Monday, November 22, 2021

olympics good bad ugly

at journalists (from eg universityofstars, ecop26 ..., discuss the hopes of the covid-generation of olympians - an extrordinary time particularly as 2 of the biggest market audiences saw  america and japan's most valuable female athletes ultimately mediating something completely different from smashing a tennis ball or doing gymanastic twisties 10 foot above the ground 

21st c that was the hate/love olympics that was

of other 21st c olympics sightings - we welcome your reports on their long run impacts for cultural and sustainability futures the younger half of the world needs most to prevent extinction - - so far this is what we saw

ugly were greece 2000  and brazil 2016 - both helped bankrupt the country financially (peoples communities) and morally (top leaders). healthwise (physically and emotionallally and educationally)- 

greece had extraordinary impacts on the whole of the eu refugee crises and the eu's utterly inhuman handling of its part in the subprime crisis (unless you directly neighbored berlin expect to be communally decimated by big bankers crimes -if you knew what exponential maths of badwill were doing) or mathematical illiteracy if you were at the top of a capital market but have no exponenetial maths understanding)

the 2018 korean winter olympics looked hopeful - but it was also at the crossroads of supreme commander forces that even the olympics cant compete with- in this case trump using north korea to mess with every neighboring asian country's trust of each other, let alone need to collaborate around climate, health, and love of childrens education

in our view beijing's 2008 was a happiest case (china was near to achieving the greatest 40 year miracle ever - a billion people's human development beyond extreme poverty -and up to then fake media hadn't attacked a billion people's progress); history watchers will know that tokyo's 1964 olympics seemed then and has historically been demonstrated as happiest ever; it signaled the chance that all two thirds of humans could rise out of places that had previously been trapped by the white empires colonial monopolisation of engines); it was also the first and last time that global satellite media had innocently been used to connect all peoples in one cheerful celebration of human endeavor not big advertising's subconscious addictions

  2022 winter olympics is in danger of being unhappiest: we argue the way to tutn this round is to promote female vpices across china wherever thede are genuinely to do with end poverty or every community connectig shared prosperity- this is a bih ask and having seen ioc chairs performance at tokyo olympics not one his eladership can help with; switzerland is in the middle of so many turing points on sports and digital media, human and ai wouorld economics, health and multi-win trade mapping - but it will need an organic movement to go beyond the backhs and indeed the mess swiss run goabl soccer admin caused still hasnt been fully turned round

london's 2012 was one of the biggest wasted opportunity ever to unite youth good/dreams/actions beyond borders; it was the crossroads for the bbc's humanity - there were 3 issues that needed bbc to mediate as once the most trusted world service: please see footnote- as the worlds largest investment in publciic service media and english translation to other cultures - the bbc's lost purpose is the first case any media for humanity student needs to search through

please nore first this is not the fault of the young sports people- but when bad media of the sort usa gas used to frame global competition gets mixed with human sustainability, politics - we needed 2 things - sporting bodies that cared for their athletes (eg the exact opposite of us womens gymnastics whose main purpose for several years was sexual abuse); advertisers who stopped over promoting something they sold and cared about what the very top athlete in that sport wanted to do with the rest of her/his life

out of the usa the case study of kobe bryant is fascinating- there is no indication that any big business sponsor of basketball cared (and certainly the main sporting channels didnt') at all about black lives or womens lives mater -yet he started movements that have turned round basketball- perhaps in part because as a teen he himself had deep lessons to learn about respect for women- it is to be hoped that his family foundation remains pivotal to future of basketball;; its a pity he and chinese superstar yao could never joined forces

 - yao could have had so much influence but has been left to build a california wine business (which while peaceful does not look as if his once dominant relationships with us-china basketball fans will help youth of the 2020s with all the crises elders have administered around them

we have been keeping note on university of stars since 1993 when part of my family while working at price waterhouse coopers was asked to advise ayrton senna foundation - sadly advising motor sports superstars needs to plan their legacy impact not just their hoped for retirement impact; back in the early 1990s senna potentially had more impact on brazil's future in the world than anyone


the dismal case of the bbc - surely not what scot logie-baird intended tv to world serve

future of last mile health - celebrated in opening ceremony but never discussed again by the bbc

the future of the worldwide web and so all future technologies including 5g and artificial intelligence tipping ponts -again berners lee www was flashed round the opening ceremony and could have been continued round the image of the queen and james bond parachuting in but wasnt-

 from 2012 we needed a pan europe discussion valuing the regions youth : in 2010s fluency in english language still gave a coding advantage- the way the eu sponsored ireland to be the zero tax paying trojan horse of all us big tech was certainly not whar sdg- digital europeans needed each country to cheer on

the future of going green - the bbc blocked attenborough's voice on climate crisis until he was over 80 - his 70 years of service to public broadcasting is a fascinating story not just on green issues but on what could have been the role of bbc2 (a tv world news/trust service) as different from bbc1 but morally balanced worldwide - recently the bbc has got on the wrong side of many activists issues - the wrong side is to promote noise that leads to violence instead of goodwill linked to solutions; worst of all a country where women empowerment over 50 years - happy bangladesh - offered lessons for all under 30 youth has again been totally misreported by the bbc

ultimately the bbc has failed every big media test Economist editors and my family listed ahead of time in the 1984 book 2025 report- this is because instead of valuing the peoples it was muzzled by politicians, as well as having some dirty linen secrets (eg the way it hap promoted pop music around an abuser of women )

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