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Friday, December 31, 1999

EconomistArts.com -can 2020s be sustainability decade without empowering youths artistic renaissance?

 why not replace g7 squared's political theatre with artists bridging the g7 squared nations and www youth empowerment as the first sd generation http://www.sdgscafe.com 

MAOLYPICS: yes youth can sprung again at davos agenda 2017 when jack ma and the olympics committed to a new dawn for youth and the final 10 to zero countdown of there ever being an sdg generation

ma declared and has consistently lived the storyline:

with eommerce i cant help youth redesign the happiness markets of health, arts, sports, education going green,

so from sept 2019 i will return to my first 30 years of life - teaching english as a way youth can joyfully mediate the world

as mr trudeau will recall ma started early with him in totonto spring 2017 -see video sequence footnoted- quite why trudeau they let himself be bullied by trump and th g7 has never been openly discussed

of course the japanese and two-third of world's population demand t change the olympics from ripping off youth- eg see us womens gymnastics - to celebrating every market youth's sustainability demands can unite seems to have been deadened by covid - lets hope that royal families across the old world fix this - more at www.economistsports.net

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