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 9/2/22 Diary partner If anyone from ed3 got into the UN events  "civil society transforming education please say" Hoping to host some fringe cafe meeting on web3 and Un2  impacts on this topic ny 14 and 15 september probably flatiron district NY, or anywhere manhattan or brooklyn we can get quorum of 3 or more IN 2016 at UNGA, year 1 review of sdg4 education was so hopeless that tech people led by world bank's jim kim started digital cooperation connections between new york and geneva; fortunately since Guterres appointed to 10 year term he's multiplied more and more tech cooperation -see it appears that in our wondrous wizarding world: sunday nght UN-mongolia has taken up un's baton for 48 hours of web3-sdgs 

Sunday, September 3, 2023

 Dear Friends

yo ho in college year 23-24 superchat visions how youth unites 1000 languages round action intel coding of the sdgs - thats what chat of LLMs is about - whilst 99% of llm may dup  other media into get taken over by commerce most trivial influencers can millennial heroines of renewable generation plugin intel every sustainable community needs to just do it - we also return to world economic forum 2017 which asked can the global superstar platforms of sports co-share with youths AIGames sueperstars

Fall 2023 update- my guess is this months general assembly is the most critical in guterres tenure with effectively only 2 full collge years before the un goes into its post-guterres elections - here are some actions being converged by Guterres as his Global Futures theme for maximising youth change college year 23/24
i was wondering if there is any way to maximise arts between you all

mack: is musicforsdgs doing anything at the month's UN General Assembly; also your former assistant appears to be doing very well un women - is there a way to connect us japan also mediates naixus ai partnership to narrow gaps across un univerity 13 branches hq in tokyo and one of japans big investments in UN

Jaime is there news of sept 8-10 NY fashion week and i think you said 8 fashion lines launching on your blockchain and total system for maximiing local ownership of arts Brand Therapy Services as well as coaching brand leaders on how their brand's main character now needs to be an internal LLM or similar  

jeanne has been leading asian visions of feminising metaverse and bots having converted from being robot sophia's marketer to the UN to her own womens kindness avatar zbee Home - beingAI

john has 45 years of relationship with ny cultural stars and society Soundtrack New York - john are you hosting any meetings on maths , music etc dut=ring this UNGA month

back in 2019 mack vincent and i formed global broadway - at the time mack was based in ny as nippon life top director gov affairs (though now in london); his passion ; vincent had been appointed vice chancellor of brac university and been told that soros was putting billions into uniting arts university with musician leo borstein leading (botstein has for 40+ years been vice chancellor of brad university annandale); his main ny connections are returning citizens and other late teens who have missed out on education- microcollege fills the gap and gets them back onto the college ladder if they need that-his main location is main brooklyn library

------------------finally guterres has asked fei-fei li to directly advise him on whether AI can recover the sdgs -AI &: Green  : Art : Dance ai curriculum modules of dance and drawing are used to get 5th graders up ino seeing ai worlds with the book in melinda gates female intel library coming out november
- this 6 month process is assigning a full time hire to make sure UN leaves no tech unturned as it desperatly tries to come back from every sdg's collapse

Result of Service

Higher quality options and recommendations to the international community that align ethical, safety and other regulatory standards with universal human rights and rule of law frameworks, at a critical juncture for multilateral governance of artificial intelligence.

Work Location

New York

Expected duration

6 months

Duties and Responsibilities

Building on the work of the High-Level Panel on Digital Cooperation and consultations of multi-stakeholder roundtable groups, the United Nations Secretary-General issued a Roadmap for Digital Cooperation (A/74/821) which addresses how the international community can better harness the opportunities presented by digital technologies while addressing their challenges. The Secretary-General's report "Our Common Agenda" issued in September 2021 prioritizes the digital space and the need to "protect the online space and strengthen its governance". It also proposes a Global Digital Compact to be developed through a multistakeholder track.

OSET leads the implementation of the Secretary-General's vision on digital cooperation by working closely with various UN entities and multi-stakeholder groups, facilitating dialogue to accelerate global digital cooperation, seizing on the opportunities that are presented by technology – while mitigating the risks – so that progress towards achieving the Goals by 2030 can be made collectively, as well as carrying out other related duties and responsibilities assigned by the Secretary-General, including follow up actions from the report "Our Common Agenda".

The job opening is located in the Office of the Secretary-General's Envoy on Technology (OSET), Department of Operational Support, United Nations, New York. The Consultant will report to the Envoy on Technology, through the Senior Programme Officer. The duties and responsibilities of the consultant include:

• Providing support to the Secretary-General’s High-level Advisory Body on AI, including:
- analysing the AI governance landscape
- arranging meetings of the HLAB
- supporting consultations
- drafting reports