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Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Hubs are one of the great intercity entrepreneur spaces of 2010s - which are also Yunus SB connecting cities?

Website: http://the-hub.net/

London is the origin of The-Hub - roughly on the first birthday in 2005 about 40 of us met to pledge one sustainability crisis each to resolve by 2012 and to share all our networks collaboratively around -we hope to pool our interactions with the coming yunusolympics

The Bay Area sees 2 relatively new hubs; timely since technology partnerships are dr yunus number 1 global hunt for 2010s; also America's first yer long student host of n SB club strts work in are this summer fre grduting in economics from Swarthmore PA

The Mumbai hub is hime spce of one of the greatest gandhian network meeting hosts Ganesh Devy who discussed Global Reconcilation Network with DR Yunus for first time during Yunus' march visit to Mumbai; also opening soon a Bangalore branch - Yunus wants Dhaka http://www.grameensolutions.com/ nd http://www.bankabillion.org/ to do with mobiles what bangalore did to internet http://clubofbangalore.blogspot.com/

Joburg is where Africa hubs links are being planted by the redoutable lesley williams

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