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Sunday, May 30, 2021

actually we peoples/communities needed to take back the bbc or get berners lee to out platform facebook - there is a possibility yidan can do that- after all we are using me-too of tencent's greatbvinventon wechat as i write;;; if we could make a list of 5 young stars under 30 about from naomi osaka wh'd you choose  https://twitter.com/NaomiOsaka

actually the 2004 swedish olympics heptahlon karolina kluft winner was someone we started to try and agent for but the hubs messed her trust up  - the health network of jim kim www.pih.org has 2 main sponsors who are non medical- the soe of the sports empire and the daughter of roald dahl just in case you know anyone who plays in those societies  https://cmgpartners.ca/mark-mccormack-and-img/  https://www.pih.org/todd-mccormack its strange how the world turns without people of goodwill knowing -or at least  i find it takes a lot of searching to get beyond inconvenient truth

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