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 9/2/22 Diary partner If anyone from ed3 got into the UN events  "civil society transforming education please say" Hoping to host some fringe cafe meeting on web3 and Un2  impacts on this topic ny 14 and 15 september probably flatiron district NY, or anywhere manhattan or brooklyn we can get quorum of 3 or more IN 2016 at UNGA, year 1 review of sdg4 education was so hopeless that tech people led by world bank's jim kim started digital cooperation connections between new york and geneva; fortunately since Guterres appointed to 10 year term he's multiplied more and more tech cooperation -see it appears that in our wondrous wizarding world: sunday nght UN-mongolia has taken up un's baton for 48 hours of web3-sdgs 

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

 Around 2006 steve jobs started to say the iphone is coming but you needed to be tech expert to know 4g was also coming meaning data from every gps would be beamed up and down - would the biggest data companies own all our future designs o9r could communities renew what diversity/family skills through generations (from cooking to clothes design, to .being greenest..) made them special to be in

well we all know that in some senses the big guys won web2; but a movement was started i refer to as vision coding - if machines can see everything we humans can see they can help localities work out whats best for the people to replicate and maximise in community trade

The Worlds I See by Dr. Fei-Fei Li

in a strange way todays chats are part of the 17 years of deep vision coding - -

there will be very good and very bad chats because they are the channels to all 2002s media building; do you want to mediate good stuff wherever you walk and children play or bad; you can pretty much snap any thing with your phone that looks strange to you and find out if its good a community renewing or a community extracting use ; we can all become market makers if we we can understand our neighbors co-creativities

there are thousands of people who have worked on sharing vision coding to make local community better - to help schools leap in local livelihood relevance - can the next year plant artistic revivals near you in anything - if so please tell us because probably every community would like to share good community building tips and exorcise bad ones- more at - back in 1758 my compatriot adam smith argued all markets are as ethical as local people have enough info on safety, quality, price not just in buying and selling but supply chains Glasgow University have helped launch 2 journals to look at community business rebirth social business and new economics - we need under 30s volunteer co-editors

=========================Architects are key in so many ways - its not just buildings or infrastructure that partners with what goes on all around us- not since visioning machines are here to be your guide; startrek got it wrong - we dont need to teleport peopels bodeis ; we need to teleport actionable intel- I find the UN a very puzzling place becasue it list 16 goals as internationally matering to human advancement but it doesnt show americansd round its own campus in ny how this works; i am hoping that brooklyn will become showacse for every way biggest si=cities needs family sdgoalsd as much as anywhere; in big cities everyone beceoms more and more interdependent on each other not just because of covid but eg on mental health of every teen/loneliness starting with every teen who could have so much positive energy to unite community if only schools saw that as their purpose; ....

do you think ai zoning algorithm will be game changers? Is it important to get communities using these first?

Back in 2016 many of us visited medgdar evers where youth were asking how can we rebuild communities within 4 miles of our campus- i think these algorithms may be part and somehow this overlaps with benchmarking good arts /community centres

i think i know quite a lot of new yorkers who would like to zoom around this sort of question; it may be its not particular ai but some others you have seen? 

I am very keen on microfashions- if someone can make something beautiful and affordable why isnt your neighboring community your first show case; why isnt blockchain valuing locally co-creative people. I believe mrs tsai in brooklyn may be working on this. I am alo wondering if david timms at lincoln center is up for helping teens rebuild joyful cultures. Or do you have some tips on who is doing this best in ny

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