sustainability of our species may now depend on which superstars design a 2nd career to value lives matter and youth as the sustainability generation - whats the point of being less than a 360 degree celebrity - with special thanks to naosaka.comif kobe hadn't died prematurely would father and daughter have been satisfied with a few product placements for black lives matter or would he have demanded total value chain redesign so almost all the revenues of sports, arts, fashions are under investment of youth not the elders who brought us to 2020? one clue may come from the sort of startups his investment fund had selected - the rest is down to you all- start with the olympics- dont let old sponsors bail it out; another clue may come from the search for 200 new universities most valuing youth as the sdg generation- can we end student debt for those who dont want to come to unis to party but to apprentice in last mile service as well as zooming around life critical knowhow

olympics best cancelled until 8 billion vaccinated- opportunity to reown- 65% value asian youth heroines who are agented not only to win gold medal but in special universityofstars so when retire connect sdg education
covid is an opportunity to redesign every sports model so under 30s get main value of celebrity and best for world- help co-edit best for sdg generation- - i helped form world class brands association 1988 -see our contribution to the economist year of brand - trust not 90 day profiteering is what communities need global to be mapped around- whilst working for price waterhouse coopers - a proposal was requested by foundation of racing's top star- the idea of universityofstars was born- as important as training to become top of world at your sports goal is anticipating life as rich celebrity- especially how to change world as you start retiring - the late was great at that planting me too and livesmatter movements- he also seeded an investment bank that lives on - what other cases should every budding superstar knowate possible us college sports - it makes no sense for indoor basketball college to comeback until whole of us vaccinated- use opportunity to redesign both university edu and sports models while it is possible to imagine college football played outside to empty stadia - is that worth itit seems that most professional leagues aim to play to empty stadia but tv audiences - even if that does not happen its not business as usual- take nfl players if they choose to strike unleess most of value goes to black lives matter society not owners of stagia that needs a whole new commisioner structure
By 2030 we will be linked in by 4000 times moore edutech (reference half a century of scottish mediation of Entrepreneurial Revolution started at The Economist at time of moon landing. As keynes last chapter of general theiory of employment foretold the expoenential threat is the old half of the world's legislation will destroy sustainbility of girls and boys livelihoods faster than mother natyre can aclimatise to mans biggest orgs.
Welcome to 5 subnetworks that can value the new 3 billion jobs millennials need if AIedu is to truly mediate and value work on celebrating the 17 sdgs. Our companion asks you to help us checkoput back from futire worlkd stages where leaders release the missing 3rg grade girls empowerment curricula teacvhers and their AI assistants need to distribute now out of every 5G enabled global vilage

Friday, April 30, 2010


Scotland articles include Independent (June 010)

The Gcal Centre Newsletter -subscribe here sample contents are footnoted in this post

Links at official Yunus Webs GSB YC

This Centre has a Social Business Professor Cam Donaldson (as far as we know 2nd only in creation to that at HEC Paris). The Chair's foci are healthcare and wellbeing

When Dr Yunus first spoke at Glasgow Caledonian Fall 2008 he explained what Adam Smith actualy said and why the frameworks that Adam Smith designed (eg free mearkets) were communally integrated to sustain the world -ie on the side of the microeconomist. So every time a global market implodes (eg wall street's) , compare how macroeconomics let markets get manipulate - an opposite system to the transparency of design and hi-trust flows that adam actually wrote up. The vice chancellor greeted Dr Yunus talk with - we woll do everything we can to find out what laws need to be changed before Glasgow can sustain a microcredit geeared round those in the city who are now in families that have been unemployed for 3 generations. Magnus Magnusson;'s daughter , a BBC Scotland radio host, presented Yunus with an award ruefully noticing how Iceland had just become one of the biggast victims of wall street subprime scams just like Scotland had lost its independence in a banking fraud circa 1700! One of the world's most successful entrepreneurs stood up and said - dr yunus the least we can do to honor you is to ensure we action anything we pledge.

GCAL Newsletter sample

What is the Grameen Caledonian Programme?

Grameen Caledonian Creative Lab

As an information resource on micro credit and co-ordination point in Scotland, the Caledonian Creative Lab will assist social entrepreneurs to develop new social businesses and provide information on Grameen, micro credit and related activities. Read More

Yunus Centre for Research in Social Business and Health

Led by the world's first Yunus Professor in Social Business and Health, GCU will be the home to a programme of research that will assess the impact of the Grameen Bank model in Scotland among other things. Read more about Professor Cam Donaldson's appointment to the new Yunus Chair at GCU and his plans for the new Yunus Centre. Read More

Grameen Scotland

We believe that Scotland has much to gain from the establishment of a Scottish branch of the hugely successful Grameen Bank, which works to help lift the poorest in society out of poverty through micro loans to initiate small businesses. Read More

Grameen Caledonian College of Nursing

GCU and the Grameen Trust are working closely in the creation of a new College of Nursing in Dhaka. GCU has long experience of assisting countries from Kosovo to Tajikistan to build high quality health education infrastructure. The need within Bangladesh to increase the number of well qualified nursing and midwifery professionals is significant. Read More