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Thursday, December 31, 2015

twin vatican and us states

special thanks to friends of premiosciacca.it

this year i visited vatican twice to ask how to connect franciscan communities between italy and usa i was told by the leaders of www.premiosciacca.it to focus on the arts here goes

maryland patagoniawinds

ny state alumni of botstein and bard

ma boston connectors of silk road ensemble -yo yo ma global supporteRs;

 tokyo's www.musicforsdgs.com

vienna's boy choir

 britain the choir reality tv show

 ameRican international schools - barcelona, hong kong &

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

are you a greater fan of yunus or of football? as i recall yunus spoke at 91st birthday of mandela in 2009 and wanted south africans to include celebrations of end poverty heroes at their coming world cup- we now know why the fifa brigade were least receptive netwiok in world to suggest this to www.yunusolympics.com The people of South Africa have an indomitable spirit. With this spirit and with its vast human and other resources, South Africa can be the first country to bui...
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