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Thursday, May 28, 2020

kobe.mba what can alumni of kobe practice as his greatest legacy of kobe bryant beyond basketball?
one space to look at is the investment bank he co-founded and the choices they made- eg one of the greatest celebrations of amerucan mothers and chinesese kids is vipkid - this network has been ranked as one of the top 10 companies in america to work for employing as it does over 50000 american homemakers as etutors direct from their homes and uniting them with the needs of a million chinese familes who want their kids to be bilingual- all started up by a 6th grade dropout from a 2nd tier province in china- isnt that woth celebrating as much as any winning shot kobe made on the court
somethings went wrong after the japan olympics 1964 the first worldwide sateelite bradcasts- all of youth heroes became sports or fashion celebrirties- globalisation designed league tables so a teenager could become top of the world if he hooped the best but if you went out and saved more lives from viruses as eg the twenty somthing larry brilliant strtarted doin in the mid 1960s then only a few experts knew of you, and for some reason your knowhow never got turned into a schols curriculum- the olympics if there everis another one can be a fantastic opporunity for universityofstars- ban ki moon as ethics director can interview all gold medal winners- which of them would like his help in matching their fame once they are staring to think of a life beyond courts with a coalition of frontline services that earlier generations in their family tree most dreamed of celebrating by learning to do