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Friday, January 2, 1970


25/8 sad news - bach in ginza spoils superstars love for japan's peoples japanthanks.com -every market you look at old people abuse youth's sustainability goals- this is monstrous in markets youth do most to perform - sports, arts, fashions, community building, education  if theirs is to be the first sustainability generation  economistdiary.com continues search for first world staged event celebrating youth as sustainability's last chance - more on what majority of world believe actions for sustainability map at www.economistmaps.com www.asianews4.com 

update tokyo olympics 2021 july -why i would recommending for simone not the world's most powerful man -when you ask simone to spend 3 hours on tv saving the world -she says i need a team to do that; vote for a mpost powerful man and after a demi-insurrection you get a lot of promises but no way youth can translate them into action

so what could the world do if it sincerely lover simone's team? over to www.japanthanks.com and our linkedin correspomdent for unwomens

for more brainstorming ask chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk to join whatsapp globalbroadway
sneak preview

back in the good old days- global broadway Was founded at time squares biggest hotel spring 2019 by a university voce chancellor and a director of one of the far east's largest insurance companies whose special project is musicforsdgs.com when he's not innovating esg corporate syndicates

back in 2017 at world economic forum jack ma and olympics bach promised to redesign the olympics so that youth/participants got  far more of  the value not just from winning but where relevant to their lives and livelihods being heroines and heroes of humanity's first sustainability generation

in spring 2019 some of the world's leasing media experts and educators started the whatsapp/wechat group globalbroadway to take the 17 year demand for universityofstars launched in delhi 2004 to a new level -ask chris.macrae@yahoo.couk for more details which go back to advice sought by the brazilian superstar ayrton senna a year before his tragic death in 1994

of course covid has interfered with that promise but lets review which sports and countries have done everything possible to celebrate youth's generational purposes

japan has done absolutely brilliantly -broadly with arts musicforsdgs.com as well as specifically on sports - see www.japanthanks.com and  naosaka.com  - with the extraordinary grace of naomi osaka has saved tennis adminstrators from what has been their worst few years

womens gymnastics usa has been saved from being led by a pervert in chief by extraordinary women led by simon biles

tell us who you spot bringing their sports icon nobility

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