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Monday, November 22, 2021


GBUstory log
GBU1 30 minute ioc bach video olympics with china's most famous tennis player

GBU2 compare how nations value 5 most famous superstars -g japan ohtani (baseball) , osaka (female tennis) ..
GBU3 relationships between (black) lives matter and us sportstars (including how college pipelines have muddled http://www.economistyouthc.com
GBU4 which womens sports agencies lead the world's morality - golf, tennis, ice skating? gymnastics?, soccer? skateboarding? - you tell us chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk
GBU5 4 industrial revolution analysis of why media as the second industrial revolution mattered to evolution and morality of human communities and world trade- how usa got IR2 wrong as far as linking sustainability of youth goes-freedom of speech in most of the world does not mean the lobbyist with the most money dominates every minute of people working livelihoods or safe communities; it does not mean that the older half of a nation stitch up evry possibility for the next generation to advance humanity eg through 2020s by going green or valuing women as much as men

more on GBU1

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