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 9/2/22 Diary partner If anyone from ed3 got into the UN events  "civil society transforming education please say" Hoping to host some fringe cafe meeting on web3 and Un2  impacts on this topic ny 14 and 15 september probably flatiron district NY, or anywhere manhattan or brooklyn we can get quorum of 3 or more IN 2016 at UNGA, year 1 review of sdg4 education was so hopeless that tech people led by world bank's jim kim started digital cooperation connections between new york and geneva; fortunately since Guterres appointed to 10 year term he's multiplied more and more tech cooperation -see it appears that in our wondrous wizarding world: sunday nght UN-mongolia has taken up un's baton for 48 hours of web3-sdgs 

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

 if you are happy to continue where this mail goes please intro yourself eg basir has deep alumni at john jay law school which is hosting this sdg event next month; he aslo runs a bronx community centre where about 1000 black teens and families dance and practice music in the community and a brooklyn radio station amongst lifetime of real stuff; of few people who sustain such inner city work rev al in baltimore thurgood marshall real communities is recognised by pope francis as the real deal so to speak

Between 2015-2017 john peter I several others went to medgar evers several times to listen to students. Its partly why i would love to look at all brooklyn colleges with an idea below.

 John got a premier of michael moore film shown to about 500 students. While i understand moore is an acquired taste, this film showed societal systems around the world that were opposite to us ones. It also made it extremely clear how racist us systems are to black or other poorest youth.

A very clear idea emerged but the staff tore it down; the best thing a college can do is empower its students to audit- keep a complete map of every organisation model in its community- first which actually originate out of that community- how do they scale and cooperate with each other over time not 90 days - which of the 7 most basic community services (roughly sdgs 1 to 7)  do they connect/sustain with the community's development community and next gen up not through gov down; of course as well as knowing the SMEnterprise map within say 4 miles of your college, you can ask what skills partners does our college have access to that are either world class, or at least good enough so that our alumni can community build

when we were discussing this nfts, blockchains, vison coded computations - human ai certainly didnt exist in the competences of the teachers

I believe the above is actually crucial to taking back the whole education systems for youth livelihoods/passions/flows to generate how a place develops; as well as brings back safe communities to apprentice in -across usa nobody really bhas deeper map of whos organising black communities that rev al who is in the middle of the real networks of thurgood marshall not the dreary scholarship fund that has taken his name but doesnt care a jot about baltimore communities TGM grew up in

returning to new york youth creative freedoms one place that currently interests me is fordham ;many of us have at least one expert contact linked to that college; within its 4 miles are new yorks main music and off broadway; timms who used to lead 92y now leads the lincoln centre and has written a book about youth and health empowered sustainability education but I cant find out which youth apart from musicians he actually works with; out of the same region you have monica yunus- she is whats left of her fathers relationships with youth - see ; i may be wrong but i dont thing fordham is wherever fashions are most generated by youth in new york; do we have a favorite community for that and if so which college is in the middle of that

Just throwing out an idea in case it blends with something you are doing; i love maps and believe its now pretty easy to design community plugins to LLMs. Ironically the twin twons of stanford and mountain view have sort of become world leaders in doing this but eg they dont yet have a use case like the UN .so they continue to see the world from the privileged position of all the data the biggest corporates want; within that education ai is having its last battle to keep big corporate non-sustainable leadership out

this may be where sustainability of millennials will be won or lost unless you see somewhere else where what 29s-30s graduates linkin as partnerships all over the world can multiply as many exponential impacts

Of course it could be that patents like jaime give back communities ownership but I dont know the tech and law he is working with to see decisions he's making - john i know we often call in jose but I dont think he's got jaime's focus; i suspect animoca brands has but I cant find if they have anyone in new york even though they were once funded quite a lot out of flatiron

chris + 1 240 316 8157 -please say if you would like to do a zoom on this or some other concept of how do we surround education insiders untul they help youth get back to doing stuff outside the ivory towers

more detail on henry timms networks
i have 11 mutual connections but they are of a type that I dont have active exchnages with - does anyone recognise them as active partners. anyone from The Economist is trucky for me; we are now 30 years into them scribbling about the opposite of the economists first 150 years including 1943-1003 mainly representing von neumanns future surveys that he trained my father to mentir journalists in
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